Arthur Slenk

Collages from Arthur Slenk for exhibition and sale.
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When I first set eyes on a collage by Arthur Slenk, it reminded me of Gustave Flaubert, not the writer of literature, but the artist of handwriting.

Even if I had not been able to read French, if I had not known who Flaubert was, this abstract, mysterious lineation would have been appealing to me.

The same goes for Arthur Slenk's collages – abstract, mysterious, appealing. May one analyse appealing into factors? Of course one may; the appealing in a landscape, for instance, the face of a child. Appealing is different for everyone – as is beauty itself.

In this case, for me, it is occassioned by the old colours, the modifications brought into the paper by transience, the effect of light, frequent contact by finger tips, traces of usage.

H.J.A. Hofland
(journalist of the century)